A link is a control that the user can click and thereby be transported to somewhere else; within the page, within the whole webpage or to another place on the web. The link can be in the form of eg text or images. Links should be described so the user knows what happens when they click on them. From an accessibility perspective, people often just read the link text, not the surrounding paragraph, therefore do not use the common “click here”, instead, clearly write where the link leads, typically what the page the link leads to is called. The word click should also be avoided since not everyone uses a mouse.

Links should be clearly distinguished as links, only colour is not sufficient but other styling is needed as well, commonly by underlining.

NB: there are not actual links in the example, it’s just underlined text. The link leads to the restaurant menu, therefore the last example is best.

Bad: Click Here to read more about our menu.

Better: Read our menu for more information about our food offering.

Even better: Our menu contains all details about our food offering.