About the page

The idea behind this site was first created when I was looking for a specific component, and couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was called, just what it looked like and how it functioned. After much looking around online, I realised that most sites just list the components and group them after function, which makes them great when you already know the name of what you’re looking for, but not when you just know what it looks like. Then you have to click and click and click to get to the right one. Most of the sites also lack a search field, for some reason.

What you’ll get:– A visual overview of components with a short explanation of how it works and what it does– A search field

What you won’t get– The complete history and usage of a component– A complete guidance on how and when to use a component– A complete comparison of when to choose and use one component over anotherIf you want the latter – get in touch and I can help you out with that.

About me

Hi, I’m Alva, and I’m a UX designer, based in Sweden. You can find some of my other work over at www.mardsjo.se. To get in contact, feel free to email me or use the form below. If you want to get help with your website or app, contact me, and we can create wonders together. I do both design, research and usability reviews.